The Pool of Bethesda

There seemed to be a time when miracles were more or less available to people. An angel put healing power into the pool of Bethesda, traditionally, for any person who wanted it. Not everyone could have it, of course, there was a limit even then, just like there is a limit to any beneficent liberality. Still, it’s liberal, and heavenly rather than carnal. Kindness from people is pleasant, but kindness from an angel would be more pleasant. I may have a guardian angel, but if so, then he has been very silent. And even Christ is not as liberal as he was.

If an angel offered me a gift, I would tell him to pierce out all the difficulties in front of me, in my path, and cut out all the impurities in my own character, heart and mind. It would be the most glorious liberality. Even if I did not have healing or even guidance, this is what I would ask for. If he denied that, I would ask for healing. It may be that healing is the only thing I can get, and anything else is beyond miracles.

And no angel has ever offered me a gift. Oh, well.

I am afraid of being discontent. The man at the pool of Bethesda did not get help from an angel, but from Christ. From Christ I do still hope for healing, if for nothing else beyond salvation.

I am certain of it in the fields of heaven.

Do you believe that you have a guardian angel?


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